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Rapid development
We have the advantage of having our own advanced software development framework Mystra - designed specifically for rapid software development, thereby reducing the time and cost of any development. This allows us to provide high quality, cost effective solutions at affordable prices.
Versatile © Robust solutions
Our solutions are built on a solid state of the art platform, which ensures the reliability of all the software we produce. The use of our Mystra guarantees that BOSL's software is robust, secure, manageable and scalable to any future changes.
Extraordinary User Experience
Our use of the very latest software development technologies such as WPF and Silverlight allows us to provide our customers with a unique user experience, through the use of our compelling graphical user interfaces.
Deadline Oriented
We work within the strict deadlines and always strive to exceed customer expectations by leveraging efficient project management and post delivery technical support capabilities.
Reliable Provider
We have built an excellent reputation amongst our clients for reliably producing high quality software solutions that meet our customers precise requirements.
Research and Development
We have a strong R©D team working on future technologies to support innovative solutions for our clients.
Cost Effectiveness
Our systems tend to be competitively priced; this means we can offer very good value for money.